Agave mitis var. mitis

Family: Asparagaceae   

Common Name: None known

Scientific Synonymy:
Agave celsii, Agave rupicola, Agave micracantha, Agave rupicola var. brevifolia, Agave rupicola var. longifolia, Agave rupicola var. rubridentata, Agave bouchei, Agave celsiana, Agave haseloffii, Agave oblongata, Agave botteri, Agave rupicola var. bouchei

Cold Hardiness Zone: 8b     View the UK and US zone maps

Agave mitis var. mitis Information

Clumping rosette, 30 inches tall, 30 inches wide (75 by 75 cm). Eastern Mexico (San Luis Potosi, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas)

General Information:
This Agave is much more known as Agave celsii. It is a very green Agave from cloud forest of central Mexico. It will take more humidity than most other Agaves in summer. It is a great resource for shady spots.


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