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Araucaria columnaris
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Araucaria columnaris

Family: Araucariaceae   

Common Name: Cook pine

Scientific Synonymy:
Cupressus columnaris, Dombeya excelsa, Araucaria excelsa, Columbea excelsa, Eutacta excelsa, Araucaria cookii, Araucaria intermedia, Araucaria neocaledonica

Cold Hardiness Zone: 10a     View the UK and US zone maps

Araucaria columnaris Information

General Information:
Captain Cook first recorded it on his second voyage in the Pacific. It is at its most abundant on the small islands off southern New Caledonia. A tall columnar tree that emerges from the canopy of dense evergreen rainforests along the coast and on coral islands, at sea-level. IUCN conservation status: Not Threatend


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