Cyathea australis

Family: Cyatheaceae   

Common Name: Rough Tree Fern

Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b     View the UK and US zone maps

Cyathea australis Information

General Information:
Cyathea australis is probably the most common tree fern encountered in Australia, as it occurs widely from coastal areas to the mountains. Old specimens can have trunks up to 10 metres tall. The radiating fronds are finely divided and may be up to 4.5 metres long. The term "rough tree fern" refers to rough protuberances on the stipes (the stalk of the fronds) - this is one feature that distinguishes C.australis from another common tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica (smooth tree fern). Rough tree fern is a hardy and very popular fern in cultivation. It prefers a semi shaded position but can be grown in full sun if its roots are kept moist. It will tolerate moderate frost although young fronds may be burnt. It will respond favourably to regular applications of general purpose fertilizers.


Native to, Australia

Location: Australia (-31.835255°N, 151.611328°E)

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