Encephalartos aemulans

Family: Cycadae    Cycad

Common Name: Ngotshe Cycad

Cold Hardiness Zone: 9a     View the UK and US zone maps

Encephalartos aemulans Information

This is a small to medium sized cycad with an erect stem attaining 3m with a diameter of 35cm, leaves a glossy dark green colour growing to 2m in length, cones covered with dense brown hairs while the seeds are a bright red colour.

General Information:
Described in 1990 endemic to Southern Africa occurring on a single hill in Natal, the climate suited to this specie is hot in summer and cool to cold in winter. Related to E. natalensis and E. lebomboensis this species enjoys full sun and excellent drainage and tolerates light frosts. Critically Endangered.


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