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Musa balbisiana var. liukiuensis
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Musa balbisiana var. liukiuensis

Family: Musaceae   

Common Name: Japanese Fibre Banana

Scientific Synonymy:
Musa liukiuensis

Common Synonymy:
Japanese Linen Banana. Japanese: Basho, Ito-basho

Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b     View the UK and US zone maps

Musa balbisiana var. liukiuensis Information

General Information:
This is the proper Japanese Fibre Banana, 'Musa balbisiana var. liukiuensis' from northern Okinawa, Japan, where it has been used in the production of cloth for centuries. A very common and widespread species in the low hills of Taiwan at 200 m elevation (not higher or lower). Possibly introduced to Taiwan from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945) or before that time. The smallish fruits of this banana ripen to yellow, and the fruit is delicious to eat as a dessert banana though this fruit is full of hard black seeds.


Native to, Japan

Cultivated in Okinawa, Japan since at least the 13th century. Probably introduced to Taiwan prior to the Japanese occupation.

Location: Okinawa, Ryukyu, Japan. (23.600864°N, 120.621643°E)

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