Rhopalostylis sapida sp. Chatham Is.

Family: Arecaceae    Palm Tree

Common Name: Chatham Island Nikau Palm

Scientific Synonymy:
Areca sapida, Kentia sapida, Eora sapida, Areca banksii, Rhopalostylis sapida - Oceana

Cold Hardiness Zone: 9a     View the UK and US zone maps

Rhopalostylis sapida sp. Chatham Is. Information

General Information:
This form of the New Zealand Nikau palm comes from the Chatham Islands, which lie 800 kilometres out from the east coast of New Zealand and 44°S making this the most southerly growing palm in the world. The palm can also be found on Pitt Island 20km south of Chatham Island. The trunk is more robust than the mainland form, and it grows much faster. This is the most cold tolerant Nikau palm.


Native to, New Zealand

Location: New Zealand (-44.268806°N, -176.209717°E)

Map may not represent the complete natural distribution. (Markers display observation data).

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