Welfia regia

Family: Arecaceae    Palm Tree

Common Name: Amargo Palm

Cold Hardiness Zone: 10a     View the UK and US zone maps

Welfia regia Information

Plants 13.8(6.025.0) m tall. Stems 10.4(4.422.5) m tall, 17.0(10.025.0) cm in diameter. Leaves 17(926) per stem; sheaths 100.8(23.0165.0) cm long; petioles 37.3(5.083.0) cm long; rachises 440.6(279.0540.0) cm long; pinnae 73(3390) per side of rachis. Inflorescences prophylls 103.3(97.0113.0) cm long; peduncular bracts 94.8(80.0105.0) cm long, inserted 2.4(1.54.5) cm above the prophyll; peduncles 16.1(8.030.0) cm long, 44.9(27.6-59.1) mm diameter; rachillae 9(7-15), 71.2(46.5-110.0) cm long, 21.9(12.2-31.9) mm diameter; stamens 38(3343); fruits almond-shaped, dorsiventrally compressed, ridged laterally especially toward the apex, pointed apically, without a contracted base, 34.2(28.640.8) mm long, 15.2(10.818.2) mm diameter.

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Native to, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Location: Central America (6.340049°N, -79.497070°E)

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